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Sintered Bronze Flame Arrester

Sintered Bronze Flame Arrester
Sintered Bronze Flame Arrester
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Product Description

Sintered Bronze Flame Arrester

Because of superior thermal conductivity of sintered bronze, a flame arrester/flash back arrester made from it prevents ignition temperature to be attained on the other side and thus prevents fire hazards. Usually find application in welding and electrical equipment.

A Sintered Bronze Flame Arrestor additionally spelled arrester is a gadget which permits gas to go through it however stops a fire with a specific end goal to keep a bigger flame or blast. There is a gigantic assortment of circumstances in which fire arresters are connected. Anybody included in selecting fire arresters needs to see how these items work and their execution confinements.

Fire arresters are utilized as a part of numerous commercial ventures, including refining, pharmaceutical, synthetic, petrochemical, mash and paper, oil investigation and creation, sewage treatment, landfills, mining, power era, and mass fluids transportation. Now and again, the blazes include exothermic (warmth creating) responses other than oxidation. Forms which create the flammable or responsive gasses incorporate mixing, responding, division, blending, penetrating, and processing. These procedures include various gear arrangements and gas blends.


  • To annihilate the spread of an open flame

  • To constrain the spread of an unstable occasion that has happened

  • To shield conceivably unstable blends from touching off

  • To bind flame to an encased, controlled, or directed area

  • To stop the engendering of a fire going at sub-sonic speeds


  • Fuel storage tank vents

  • Fuel gas pipelines

  • Safety storage cabinets for paint, aerosol cans, and other flammable mixtures

  • The exhaust system of internal combustion engines

  • The air intake of marine inboard engines

  • Davy lamps in coal mining

Technical Specifications

  • There are various sizes available

  • The welding process is unique and advanced

  • It can be easily cleaned and bi-directional flame arrester.

  • It can be used as single unit or with oxygen valve, vertical as well as horizontal installation

  • The arresters are made with high quality carbon steel, stainless steel

How Flame Arresters work?

Fire arresters are inactive gadgets with no moving parts. They keep the spread of fire from the uncovered side of the unit to the secured side by the utilization of wound creased metal lace sort fire cell component.

This development delivers a lattice of uniform openings that are deliberately built to extinguish the fire by retaining the warmth of the fire. This gives a quenching hindrance to the touched off vapor blend.

Under ordinary working conditions the fire arrester allows a moderately free stream of gas or vapor through the funneling framework. If there is a chance that the blend is lighted and the fire starts to go back through the channeling, the arrester will deny the fire from moving back to the gas source.

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