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Paper Filter Elements

Paper Filter Elements
Paper Filter Elements
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Paper Filter Elements

Paper filter elements are made from cost effective cellulose paper. These are used in hydraulic machinery and pneumatic equipment. Paper Filter Elements are used for oil filtration in hydraulic machinery as well as for water filters. It can be used for filtration from 5 micron to 200 micron levels. Flamingo can customize this product as per client's requirements. 

Paper Filter Elements is the basic component in the correct operation of your turning positive relocation blower or vacuum pump. Channel components are normally situated in a channel lodging and channel the approaching air or gas to minimize the passageway of bigger particles into your blower or vacuum pump.

This filtration is basic to anticipate extensive items or particles to enter the gas chamber and cause material develop on the impellers. In the event that the particles are to expansive, they can bring about the unit to seize which could bring about an immoderate repair.

Other Filter Pressure & Other Elements

Filtration media is normally paper, polyester or wire. Paper components give the best level of filtration however are normally discarded once material burden surpasses the sought level. Polyester components can be washed a few times before they should be supplanted. Wire components can be washed ordinarily yet don't give the level of filtration of paper or polyester. Filtration proficiency can be enhanced a wire component by the utilization of oil or a glue connected to the wire component.

Grimy filters will expand your drive utilization and can bring about over the top temperature ascend on your positive relocation blower. Channels ought to be cleaned or changed once the weight drop surpasses 15"w.c. A channel weight gage will outwardly show when your channel should be changed or cleaned.


  • Large surface area

  • Resin mixed media to maintain strength, resist heat and water

  • Coated seal components for resistance against corrosion

  • Corrugated media

  • Thermoset bonding material

  • Threaded base filter cartridge


These are used for variety of polar and non-polar liquids. It is mainly used in granular contaminated fluid where large surface area is required.


  • 75psi Collapse strength

  • 5 – 9 operating pH range

  • Micron Ratings from ¼ to 75

  • 98 % + Nominal filtration efficiency

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