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Button Silencer

Button Silencer
Button Silencer
Product Code : BS
Product Description

Button Silencer /  Breather Vents

Buttun Silencer have many applications in vacuum relief or pressure equalization or gear boxes. These Silencers have a disc made from bronze and fitted in a brass adaptor and can be customized as per the needs and requirements of the clients.

Sintered Bronze Button Silencers, Stainless Steel Button Silencer, and Mini Stainless Steel Button Air Silencer are utilized in exhaust ports or any ports that open to air. It resists foreign particles to enter from environment and therefore helps to clean the exhaust. This silencer is perfect as a space saving material. It helps to diffuse exhaust air along the surface area, reducing the noise.

Unique Shape and Material

Silencer is a 1mm froth washer that adjusts to the inner lodging of 30mm pushbutton lineup. It likewise uses little "tabs" at every end of the washer, which moreover ingest the sharp solid made as the pushbutton plunger's tab meets the edge. Silencer's tabs can be arranged evenly or vertically for Sanwa or Seimitsu's remarkable lodging. For pushbuttons, Silencer's tabs can be clipped off without influencing its capacity to diminish clamor.

Silencer's froth material was decided for the nearest match to its unique froth washers. For expanded sturdiness, an unfathomably thin and adaptable plastic film was put on one side.


Introducing the Silencer froth cushions into a pushbutton is direct. Place the washer - plastic film side down - into the catch lodging. Adjust the little tabs with the goal that they stand out of the gaps on every side of the lodging. For low profile pushbuttons, clip the tabs off with scissors and place into the lodging.

Endurance Tests

Endurance tests are done by prototypes of the washers, originally in clear silicone and test the shock while matching the actuation of washer. Endurance tests are also done to reduce springiness and mushiness, further blind tests are performed in various places testers do not know about the washers, and indirectly report about the differences in feel to them.

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